Friday, December 26, 2008

Free as a bird

He looked out of his window. The morning sun blinded him. The glorifying rays grazed his face, marking his clear profile on the wall. It had just rained the previous night. The dew on the leaves reflected the light making them glitter like gold. It was a pleasant sight and a very refreshing moment. His mind sought after the sights of the nature, the chirping birds and the evergreen trees. He sat there sipping his morning coffee, staring out of the window, at absolutely nothing. He wondered. He starred. He rejoiced. With every sip of coffee, he removed himself from everything that was real, until he reached a state of complete bliss. Every thought in his mind was a happy one. Every sight in his vision was soothing. Just as if reminding him of reality, the alarm went off. He knew right away he had to shake himself and face the world. The fast paced dog-eat-dog world didn’t give him the time to stay back and enjoy the tranquility in his room. The coffee drained his throat more slowly than before. Every slower sip meant an extra moment. It didn’t bother him that he had work to do. It didn’t bother him that he had to work up the courage to face the world. What bothered him was that the serene moment was gone. His mind had wandered to work. His brain had started planning the day ahead. Right when he sipped the last drop of coffee, a Stellar Jay flew by his window and sat on the rails. Down went the bird, dipped into the water and drank it. The bird looked around at him, starred into the room and flew away … Making every cell in his blood wish he were as free as that bird.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow in Seattle ...

It takes very little to make me excited. And when it's 7 inches of snow in my backyard ... I dont need more.

Fresh snow ... fresh fresh snow. A mountainous amount lying around everywhere I look. And still, you can squeeze it into a small ball of tightened snow, that fits right into your hands.

I love the touch of snow on my skin. Cold! Cold as hell for sure. But it gives a fresh feeling like nothing else. The chillness makes the skin spring back to life.

It's not a surprise that snow is a treat for the eyes. The view is simply astonishing. The slanting roof-tops covered with snow gives a feeling like it's Europe or maybe Switzerland.

The evergreen trees are white now, with snow on every one of it's branches. Snow tapering on and hanging from every single leaf. The array of pine trees gives a feel of Christmas all over. And a snowy one too. I wish I could decorate the tall tree in my backyard with Christmas ribbons and ornaments and put a star on top. I would seriously have the biggest and most fabulous Christmas tree :). Even the trees that don't have leaves on them look so pretty. That's the magic of snow. It gives life to dead trees or a lifeless surrounding.

Pretty as hell! I am enjoying it while they last!!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five-Point Someone

A book, I picked up last sunday. A light-breezy book, considering I have finished it already. Somehow I always find Indian writers easy to read. I can skim through the book really quickly.

My personal review of the book ... Good story, not so well written.

I could very well relate to the story, since I studied in one such school myself too. My school admitted the best of the best students in Bangalore. The cream of high scorers from Class 10th. This made the competition very very high. I remember those days, when I used to slog my *** off, score pretty well (on an international basis) and yet, my class rank was just average.

The entire 2 years of my life there, I never knew I was good enough to be a Microsoft employee today or even someone who is capable of doing an undergrad course on a 100% scholarship. The school gave me absolutely no confidence in myself or my capabilities.

Anyway ... back to the book. The story, striped down, is the story of a lot of Indian students like me. That is the best part of the book. The mugging vs learning routine is pictured very well in the book. Some of it, I thought was cliche ... but then again, maybe it is just my personal experience that makes me think so.

Style of writing ... I could never understand why the continuity was intentional messed up in the first half of the book, such as, why was the IRAQ war stuff split up into two parts, even within the same chapter. And what is the deal with 'Alok Speaks' or 'Ryan Speaks'?

Nevertheless, the book was worth the read just to reflect back on my life.